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3053 W. 725 S. • Rensselaer, IN 47978  


2020 Champions

Class winning Barrow
Indiana State Fair
Kelsey Rodibaugh
Big Step-mate to Jasper

Champion York Barrow
Indiana State Fair
Tyce Freije
Big Step-mate to Jasper

3rd Overall York Barrow
Indiana State Fair
Morgan Pierson
Play It Again

Champion Chester
Arizona National
Megan Rivera

1st place York Gilt
The Midwestern
MaKenna Snider
Big Pa

NE Oklahoma

Grand Barrow
Newton County Fair
Blake Whaley
Family Ties

3rd Overall Market Hog
Kentucky State Fair
Brayden Lancaster

Grand Gilt
Wells County Fair
Erica Beavens

Reserve Grand Barrow
Newton County Fair
Leah Schriner
Spitting Image

5th Overall Barrow
Newton County Fair
Liam Kollman
Family Ties

3rd Overall Barrow
Newton County Fair
Leah Schriner
Guns Up

Grand Champion Gilt
Huron County, OH
Austin Hunker
Guns Up

5rd Overall Market Hog
Vermillion County Fair
Minnear Family
Spitting Image

Reserve Grand Barrow
Fulton County Fair
Isabel Scales
Rumor Has It

Grand Breeding Gilt
South Dakota State Fair
Trevor & Tate Johnson
Hard Wired

Grand Overall Gilt
The Knockout Classic
Hayden Family

Grand Champion Barrow
Wilson County Fair
Ellie White

3rd Overall York Barrow
Indiana Stock Show
Landry Rodibaugh
By Big Step

Div 1 Reserve Cross
Indiana Stock Show
Blake Whaley
Family Ties

Champion York Barrow
Indiana Stock Show
Emily Myers
Sired by Dynamic

Res Grand Purebred
The National
Shown by Logan Schmitz
Fate Has It
By Big Step

Champion York Gilt
Brody Everhart
By Big Step

Champion Chester Gilt
Northwest Regional
Tatum Martin
Placed by Adam & Rex Mendoza

Grand Champion Barrow
Eastern Regional
Owen Hege
Play It Again

Reserve Grand Barrow
Eastern Regional
Brayden Lancaster
Sired by Lavish


Indiana State Fair —2019 county fairs

D1 Reserve Cross Barrow
Indiana State Fair

Reserve Grand Female
Indiana State Fair Crossbred Classic
Cora, Lincoln, Coroline, & Clark

3rd Overall Duroc Barrow
Indiana State Fair
Kayden Maxwell

D1 4th York Barrow
Indiana State Fair

4th Overall Duroc Barrow
Indiana State Fair
Sydney Loudermilk

Grand Barrow
Jasper County Fair
Jake & Kennedy

Grand Barrow
Benton County Fair

Grand Barrow
Newton County Fair
Leah Shriner

4th Overall Barrow
White County Fair
Schroeder Family

4th Overall Barrow
Jasper County Fair
Kelsey Rodibaugh

Reserve Grand Barrow
Missouri State Fair
Connor Keithley

Reserve Grand Barrrow
LaPorte County Fair
Jay Mitzner

Grand Gilt
Dearborne County Fair
Meagan Galey

Reserve Grand Gilt
LaPorte County Fair
Rosenbaum Family

4th Overall Barrow
Newton County Fair
Leah Schriner

Grand Gilt
Kane County Fair
Zoe Johnson

Grand Gilt
Shelby County Fair

Reserve Champion York Gilt
Arizona National
Congratulations, Jack O’Dell
Help from Black Danner


Indiana 2018 State Fair
Indiana Yorkshire $1 grand lineup – hard work rewarded


D2 Reserve Cross Gilt
Indiana State Fair
Romeo x Hot Sire
She sold for $4,900

3rd Overall York Barrow
Indiana State Fair by Chest Bump
Congrats, Cade Grant


Class Winning Cross Gilt
Indiana State Fair
Romeo x Shoot Em
Congrats to Jake

D2 5th Overall Duroc Gilt
Indiana State Fair
Shown by Madelyn Malcom
By Just One More assist to Platt


D1 Reserve & 4th Overall
4th Barrow – IN State Fair
By Leaps & Bounds
Shown by Jake Rodibaugh

Class Winning York Barrow
Illinois State Fair
Congrats, Hunter Whitehouse


Reserve Grand Purebred
Iowa State Fair
Shown by Emily Harold out of a
bred gilt – raised by Jason Vincent

Reserve York FFA Barrow
Missouri State Fair by Leaps & Bounds
Good job Connor Kiethly, assist to Lance Martin


Reserve Grand Overall Gilt
TN State Fair shown by Ellie White
Purchased on order in our April Sale


Reserve Grand SW OK D18
shown by Jolie Davis

Reserve Grand Champion
Clinton Co, PA
Congrats to Ethan Weaver

Grand Champion
Brown County, WI
Shown by Olivia VandeHey


Grand Champion
Centre Co Grange Fair PA
Shown by Lane Schwartz
Sired by Romeo

Newton County
Grand Champion Barrow

Congrats to Brock Whaley
Sired by Price Check
Newton Co Reserve Grand
Shown by Jenna Schriner
Sired by Romeo
Newton Co Third Overall
Shown by Brock Whaley
Hampshire by Benchmark

LaPorte County
Grand Champion Barrow
Shown by Colton Rosenbaum
Price Check x Pit Boss
LaPorte County
Reserve Grand Champion Gilt
Shown by Chase Rosenbaum
Sired by Antidote
Warren County
Grand Champion Gilt
Good Job, Blaine Slayton
Sired by Pit Boss

Fulton County Reserve Gilt
Another Champion for Isabell Scales
Sired by Pit Boss 15-1

Johnson County Champion York and 3rd Overall
-Cade Grant
Sired by Chest Bump
Assist by Rex Smith

What a week at the Jasper County Fair for the Rodibaugh crew!

First year showmen Jacob Rodibaugh and Jackson and Braelynn Jones assisted by Kennedy and by veteran cousin Kelsey

Grand Champion Gilt
Shown by Jacob, who also was Champion Junior Showman
Sired by Romeo

Braelynn exhibited the Champion Novice Barrow

Champion Duroc & Fifth Overall

Shown by Kelsey
Sired by Just One More

Champion York and Third Overall
Shown by Kelsey
Sired by Chest Bump

Grand Champion Barrow– Open class
Shown by Jake
Sired by Pioneer

This barrow was a no-sale at both of our auctions,
barely avoiding the feeder pig truck!!

Grand Champion Gilt-Open class
Shown by Jacob
this complete female defended her 4-H title

Champion Yorkshire-Open class
Shown by Jackson
Sired by Leaps & Bounds

Champion Chester-Open class
Shown by Jackson
Sired by Heavy Duty

Reserve Duroc –Open class
Shown by Braelynn
Littermate to Kelsey’s 4-H Champion
Houston 2018
Houston 2018
Duroc Class Winner
Congratulations to
Morgan Sanders,
Stamford, FFA Senior
Assist to Brad Bevel
San Antonio 2018
Duroc 2nd Place
Great job again to Morgan Sanders!

Arizona National Supreme Champion Purebred Gilt
Congrats to 20 year old Brianna Cellero, CA
Sired by our 2016 Duncan Champion, Jasper
Give an assist to Russell Pedrett & Travis Platt
1200 enties in the show
Arizona National Champion Duroc Barrow


Champion York Barrow
Walter, OK Jackpot
Shown by Jolie Davis

Supreme Champion Gilt?
Central Tennessee Jackpot
Jimmy White Family
Points Leader & 5 times Duroc Champion
Oklahoma Jackpot show
Shown by the Harley Travis Family - Sired by First Class

Reserve Chester Market Hog

Shown by Gunner Boyd

Reserve Grand Breeding Gilt
SE Geogia Empire Show
Shown by Raegan Poulnott

Champion York Barrow
National Barrow Show
Shown by Evan Rice Placed by JP Parrish

Res Cahmpion York Barrow
National Barrow Show
The Pieson girls - What a team

3rd Overall D1 Cross Barrow
American Royal
Capping a great career for Blake Danner

Reserve Grand Overall
South Dakota FFA Show
Shown by Amy Blagg Pit Boss x Shoot Em


Champion York & Reserve Grand Overall Barrow
Macon County, TN
What a asummer fo the Jimmy White family

Reserve York Barrow & 5th Overall
Putnam County Fair
Shown by Bynne Shuee
National Barrow Results 2017

NBS Champion York Gilt
Go Time x Creativity
Purchased by Boynum Genetics, MN for $1700

NBS Reserve Champion Chester Gilt
Salary Cap x Game On
Tanks to Alan Voights for his purchase

Reserve Champion Supreme Breeding Gilt
Grand Market Gilt
Wisconsin State Fair
Shown by Chase Cherney
Out of a Touch N Go gilt purchased last fall

Champion LTWT Cross Barrow
Michigan Livestock Expo

Shown by Brenna Mortenson
Sired by Affirmed assist to Travis Platt

Reserve Duree Gilt- Indiana State Fair

Div 3 Reserve Cross Gilt- Indiana State Fair
Shown by Clark Rodibaugh
with help from Cora, Caroline, and Lincoln
Pocket Tee x Anytime

Champion York Barrow- Missouri State Fair
Shown by Zach Trout
Sired by Go Time out of the terrific #33 litter
With help from Lance Martin

Champion York Barrow-Open show Ohio State Fair
Shown by Jessee Stewart
Sired by Ground Control
Placed by Travis Platt

5th Overall Duree Gilt- Indiana State Fair
Shown by the Donnelly Family, Noble County
Smokestack x True Identity

Class Winning York Barrow - Indiana State Fair
Shown by Morgan Pierson
What a summer for this popular Ground Control
placed by Cody Berling!

Champion York & Reserve Grand - Morgan County
Shown by Morgan Pierson
Sired by Ground Control
This popular Jackpot winner was York Champion 10 times, Reserve
Grand 3 times, and Grand once

Reserve Crossbred Gilt-Tipton County
Indiana State Fair Class winner
Shown by Clark Rodibaugh
Sired by Feel The Noise, she sold for $7000 in the Crossbred Classic

Grand Champion Gilt - Magon County, TN
Great job, Ellie White, with this :rouch ~ Go purchased on
order in our April 8 auctJon
The #33 litter produced 5 banner winners this summer!

Indiana show circuit Champion York Barrow
Congrats to Hunter and Levi Logue
Thanks to Platt and Thompson for your help
Jasper County Winners

Champion HVY Cross and 3rd Overall
Shown by 10 year member Regan Rodibaugh
Sired by Skywire

Champion York Barrow
Shown by Regan
Sired by Ground Control
Littermate to the Pierson barrow

Reserve Grand Champion Barrow
Shown by Kelsay Rodibaugh
Sired by Skywire

Champion Open Berk
Shown by Ten year member Heidi Goodman
Sired by Scandal

Fourth Overall Lake County Open Show
Shown by the Kevin Pass family
Sired by Affirmed assist to the Schriner family

Grand Champion Barrow- Warren County
Shown by Blaine Slayton
Sired by Pit Boss

Champion York & Reserve Grand Barrow -Howard County
Shown by Kaylie Forgave assist To Baxter Howell
Sired by Go Time

Reserve Grand Barrow - Newton County
Good Job to Jenna Schriner and family
Sired by Affirmed
Newton County 4th Overall was a Hamp shown by the John Whaley family

Grand Champion Barrow Fulton County
Shown by Isabell Scales
Sired by Pit Boss
Three Years in a row ! Great job to the Scales Family!

Reserve Grand Van Buren, Ml
Shown by Travis Chandler
Sired by Affirmed
Purchased in our auction by Tyler Behrens for $185

Reserve Grand Champion- Clinton Co, PA
Congrats to Megan Vonada
Sired by Pit Boss- Littermate was Grand at Fu lton Co
with help from Blake Danner

Champion Duroc & Reserve Grand - Noble County
Many times in the Circu it top 5
Shown by Austin Moore
Sired by Search Party

Champion Duroc & Grand Champion Barrow
Sired by Smokestack. The Dam is a Carl gilt purchased from
Chad Martin
This winner was bred by Brandon Burr

Champion Duroc & 3rd Overall Gilt
Shown by the Roche family

Spectacular 2017

Champion Duroc Open Gilt
Shown by Hallie and Keri Landry
Class Act x Impeccable
Sold for $8750


5th Overall York Gilt
Shown by Riley Rodibaugh
Go Timex Buzzer Beater
She sold for $3250 to Nelson Hanson, CA

Div 14th Duroc Barrow
Shown by Hunter Logue
Class Act x Impeccable

Div 15th York Barrow
Shown by Levi Logue
High Country x Touch N Go

2nd Class 5 Duroc Gilt
Shown by Brody Everhart
First Class x Off Label


Arizona National Champion Duroc
Shown by Noa Tiapin, OR
King of Queens x Immunity
Placed by Tracis Platt and Russell Pedrett


San Antonio 2nd to Reserve Champion

Shown by Lana Pollok, Placed by Dustin Biela
Sired by Honeymoon

Reserve Grand - Karnes Co, TX
Good job, Kamryn Waltrek
Skywire x Proven Point
Give an assist to Joe Muniz!

Grand Champion Prospect Pig
Alabama National
Shown by Anna Wilson
Thanks to Brittany Hill for assisting Anna and Ben

Multiple Grand Champion
Georgia Show Circuit

Shown by Ben Castleberry
Ben also showed the Res York at the Nat'l Peanut Festival

Champion York Prospect Gilt

Rachel Elizabeth Rumsey
This was our top selling gilt at the Fall Classic
Sired by Touch N Go
NAILE Winners
Champion Yorkshire Market Hog
Shown by Kennedy Rodibaugh
Sired by Buzzer Beater
Reserve Champion Yorkshire Market Hog
Shown by Sara Troyer - Give an assist to Jeremy Jones
Sired by Touch N Go
Littermate boar and gilt go to Duncan
1st Place York Market Hog
A great Start for Payton Strange
What a litter! Mates Reserve and 3rd
Check out littermates at Duncan
2nd Place York Market Hog
Good job, Cali Baldwin!
Littermate to the Champion
Reserve Chester Market Hog
Shown by Matt O' Conner
Sied by Stone Cold
1st Place Crossbred Market Hog
Way to go, Kennedy and crew!
American Royal Champion North Carolina State Fair

Champion Duroc Market Hog
Shown by Brandon Stickler
Sired by Impeccable
A littermate was Champion Duroc at the North Carolina State Fair
Grand Purebred Barrow
Shown by Makenzie Cox
Littermate to the Royal Champion
Indiana State Fair
3rd Overall Barrow
Congratulations to Blake Danner!

Reserve Champion Duroc Gilt
Bred and Shown by Jerod Nagel
Dam was purchased from us

Crossbred Classic Champion MWT
And Top Selling Gilt at $9500
Purchased in our pig sale for $350
Those are hard working kids!
Reserve Crossbred and 3rd Overall
St Jo County
Great Job, Madelyn Hendershot!
Jasper County Winners
Grand Champion Barrow
Congrats to Tommy Gutwein
Grand Champion Gilt
Bred and Shown by Madeline Barber
Champion York Barrow
Regan Rodibaugh
Champion York Gilt
Regan Rodibaugh
Reserve HWT Cross Barrow
Kelsey Rodibaugh
World Pork Expo Winners
World Pork Expo 3rd Overall Pure Barrow
Shown by Austin Rodenbeck
World Pork Expo 5th Overall Div 2 York Barrow
Shown by Sarah Rodibaugh
Noble County Winners
Noble County Grand Champion Gilt
Brice Patrick
Noble County 4th Overall Barrow - Hamp
Austin Moore

Champion Duroc Barrow
New Mexico State Fair
Eastern New Mexico State Fair
Congrats to Bailey O’Connnor

Champion Duroc Barrow 2015 San Antonio Stock Show
Bred by Rodibaugh Genetic Team
Shown by Dakota Sanders
Placed by Brad Bevel
Reserve Champion Overall and Champion York Gilt, ’14 NJSA Southwest Regional
4th-Place Yorkshire Gilt, ’14 Kansas State Fair
Shown by Blake Holmes. Out of the bred gilt Vickreys purchased
from us. Littermate was Res. Jr. Divison Gilt at the Indiana State Fair.
Champion York Gilt, ’14 NBS
Thanks to Norman Brothers and Son, Ill.
Reserve Champion York Gilt, ’14 NBS
Thanks to Woodworth Farms, Mo.
Indiana State Fair Class Winner
Sold for $6250 in the Classic to John Sunman
Good Job, Clark & Cora Rodibaugh
Assisted by Lincoln and Caroline
Indiana State Fair Class Winner
Congrats to sarah Rodibaugh
Hunting County Grand Champion
Shown by Kelsy Bauer
White County Grand Champion
Shown by Jordan Danner
St. Jo County Reserve Grand Champion
Shown by Haley Berger
Purchased for $200 in our sale
Fulton County Grand Champion
Shown by Brittany Riffel
Howard County Grand Champion
Shown by Ally Oyler
Give an assist to Baxter Howell
Decatur County Reserve Heavy Cross
Shown by Owen family

2014 Jasper County Fair Winners

Jasper County Grand Champion Gilt
Indiana State Fair Class Winner
A littlemate barrow also won his class
Shown by Matthew
Jasper County Grand Champion Barrow
Shown by Sarah, Ten Year 4-H member
Champion Open Duroc Barrow
Reserve 4-H Duroc Barrow
Shown by Kelsey
Grand Champion Open Gilt
Shown by sarah
Champion 4-H Duroc Barrow
Shown by Matthew
Champion Open Yorkshire Barrow
shown by Regan

Reserve MWT Crossbred Gilt
Indiana State Fair Class Winner

Shown by Matthew

Reserve Champion York Barrow
Indiana State Fair 2nd place

Shown by Matthew

Summer Success 2014!

2014 Summer Spectacular Reserve Grand Champion
Jim selected this awesome female ofr Austin Rodenbeck! Thanks Travis Platt, for you assistance.
Off Label x Lifeblood
Team Purebred Champion York Barrow
WRX Div 1 4th Yorkshire
Good job, Levi Logue!
Titanium x Committed
NJSS 3rd Div 1 Duroc Barrow
Congratulations to Kelsey Bauer
Crackin Down x Triple Shift
Multi- Champion On the Jackpot Circuit
Best wishes to Hunter Logue
Ricochet x Mac Do
2014 Oklahoma Youth Expo
3rd Overall York Barrow
Shown by Cheyenne Gaff

Bred to Win!

World Pork Expo
2013 World Expo
Third Overall Duroc Barrow
Shown by Morgan Cox, IN
Sired by Carl
  2013 World Expo
Third DIV II York Barrow
Shown by Austin Thompson, IN
Sired by Rising Sun

Indiana Class Winners

Indiana State Fair Crossbred Class Winners shown by Matthew, Regan, and Sarah Rodiibaugh
Multiple Summer Circuit Championships
Shown by Austin Thompson
Missouri State Fair Res MWT Cross Gilt
Congrats to Kent Shikles and Lance Martin
She sold for $1700
Fifth Overall Yorkshire Barrow
2013 Oklahoma Youth Expo

Exhibited by Cheyenne Gaff
Sired by Romance
Reserve Champion
Ohio State & Sirloin Jackpot

Congrats to Austin Pueschel
Sire by Drop Down
San Antonio Third Place Duroc
Hill County District Reserve Champion
Shown by Landon Parker, TX
Grand Champion
Peanut Festival Jackpot
A good season for Hailee Rasbury, AL
Reserve Champion
Alabama National Prospect Show
Exhibited by Tiffany Ledlow

2013 County Fair Winners

Howard County Grand Champion
A Pure Yorkshire shown by Connor Young
Give an assist to Baxter Howell!
Newton County Grand Champion
Exhibited by Jenna Schriner
A Litter-mate was Grand at Whitley County
Whitley County Grand Barrow
Congrats to Sheets Family
Warren County Grand Champion
Shown by Hannah Wolf
Give an assist to Jamie Halsema
Pulaski County Champion Duroc
Good Job, Taylor Brandt!
Jasper County Champion Chester Gilt
Shown by Brooks Rodibaugh
Reserve Grand Overall 2013 Fulton County OH Fair
Shown by Adam Kinsman
Sired by Drop Down
2013 Champ Middleweight
Sandusky Co OH

Good job, Tyler Warner
Reserve Grand Barrow Wabash County Fair 2013
Cody and Troy Michel
Sired by Rock Solid
2013 Reserve Grand Overall
Sandusky County, OH

Shown by Tyler Warner
Sired by Rock Solid
Give an assist to AJ Genter
MLE 8th Overall
Show by Brad Chapman
Sired by Drop Down

2013 Jasper County Fair Winners

Reserve HVWT Crossbred
Reserve Champion Open Crossbred

Shown by Brooks
Reserve LTMWT Crossbred Gilt
Shown by Kelsey
Reserve MLWT Crossbred Barrow
Shown by Matthew
Champion Open Class Chester Barrow
Show by Brooks
Reserve Champion Duroc Barrow
Shown by Kelsey



Indiana State Fair Success!!
Reserve Grand Barrow
Class winners

Kentucky State Fair Reserve Grand Market Hog
Shown by Logan Goggin– purchased in our pig sale

This Indiana State Fair Reserve Grand  Barrow was purchased by Blake Danner in our pig sale .  He is sired by Balance, a Frame Monster x Willie which we bred and sold to Purple Power Boar Stud.

Indiana Class winning barrow
Shown by Sarah, Steve & Shannon’s daughter
Sired by Black Blood


Indiana Class winning barrow
Shown by Grace, John & Debbie’s daughter
Sired by Black Blood


Indiana Class winning Gilt
Shown by Matthew, John & Debbie’s son
Sired by Black Blood


Indiana Class winning Gilt
Shown by Conner Utterback


Summer Spectacular Champion Gilt
These two littermates were out of a
Rodibaugh Buck Cherry female


Indiana Champion Duroc Barrow
Won 13 times on IJSC


2013 Oklahoma Youth Expo
5th Overall York Barrow
Exhibited by Cheyenne Gaff
Bred by Rodibaughs
Sired By Balance

2013 Winner
Reserve Ohio State Saddle & Sirloin Club Jackpot
 Congrats to Austin Pueschel
Sired by Drop Down
Check out littermate entries at the Southwest!

Alabama Class Winner
Good job, Jacob Beasley
NAILE Yorkshire Class Winner
Continued success for Olivia Caldwell
Thanks to Travis Platt
1012 Missouri State Fair Class Winner
Congrats to Kent Shikles and Ag teacher
Lance Martin on this 3 time County Grand Gilt
NAILE Champion Chester Market Hog
Good job, Reed Martin, on this stout barrow
Champion York Barrow
Caleb Middlesworth had success with this
Grant County Champion. Give an assist to Baxter Howell!
Alegan County, MI Grand Barrow
A well deserved Champion for the Marv Heasley family.

2012 World Pork Expo


3rd Overall York Barrow
Congrats to Austin Thompson
Give an assist to Travis Platt


Div1 4th Place  Duroc Barrow
Austin Thompson is the showman
Two time Champion on IN jackpot circuit

Div 4 3rd Place York Gilt
Congrats to Maddison Caldwell
Multiple champions on Ill jackpot circuit

2012 National Western Stock Show
Champion Chester Barrow
Congratulations to Hallie Landry



San Antonio 4th Heavy Duroc
Danyelle Huffaker, Stamford FFA

San Antonio 5th Heavy Duroc
Noelle Huffaker, Stamford FFA


Champion Breeding Gilt
Joshua Huckabee

Reserve Champion
WOPB Breeding Gilt
Danielle Huckabee


NJSA SE Regional Class winner
Shown by Keaton Woods
Sired by Committed

NJSA SE Regional Class winner
Shown by Kellen Woods
Sired by Mack Down


NAILE Champion York
Congrats to Elise Miller
We bred the  2010 Champion & Reserve York as well


NAILE Reserve York
Shown by Tana Simmons

NAILE Class winner
Good job , Morgan Cox


Ft Worth 6th place cross
Shown by Sabra Lowe


Grand Champion
    National Peanut Festival Shown by Chris Maggard, Pell City FFA

Reserve Champion
AL National Prospect Show
Shown by Chris Mallard

I grew up showing Rodibaugh pigs, so when I became an ag teacher, your family's farm was the first I contacted to purchase pigs for my students.  I truly appreciate all that y'all have done to help a new ag teacher earn the trust of parents and students by sending quality pigs down south.
 Kind Regards,
 Brittany Beasley

NJSA Western Regional Champion Duroc
Shown by Artie Serna

Indiana State Fair Class Winner
Elise Miller does a great job!


2011 Summer Spectacular 3rd Overall York Gilt
Exhibited by Rebecca Oliver


NJSS 4th Overall Duroc Gilt
Sired by Manual Labor
Shown by Seth Smoot

NJSS Div 1 Champion Duroc Gilt
WPX Class winner
Shown by Sam Smoot


World Pork Expo Reserve Champion
Shown by Mica Lovelady, OK, this Headliner daughter sold for $3000

Summer Spotlight Champion Boar
This top-selling Forearm son sold to Shaffer’s Gold Rush
Ask for Bench Mark


Summer Spectacular Winners


Reserve Open York Gilt
Makenzie O’Neal showed this powerful WOW daughter.  WOW sired the Reserve Boar and was Premier Sire.


Class Winner—Jr & Open show
Good job, Maddie Caldwell!
Purchased by Brandon Ogle


Div 1 Res Jr  Champion
Congrats to Cole Caldwell .  Her dam is a littermate to the dam of the Champion Duroc Gilt and to 2011 Div 1 champion Gilt


Div 1 Champion Gilt
This popular Day One daughter was shown by Austin Thompson


Div 1 Third Place
Summer Spectacular
Keri Landry is the exhibitor


Champion Yorkshire Barrow
Team Purebred National Jr Show
Austin Thompson is on top of his game


Indiana News!
Rodibaugh's show Champion York Gilt & Reserve Sr. Boar

Indiana State Fair  
Div 3 Champion Cross Gilt Champion Duroc Barrow
Shown by Matthew Rodibaugh
Eight times Champion Duroc Gilt
Oklahoma Jackpot shows
Shown by Avery Inman
Howard County Grand Champion
Blake Howell showed
the Grand Champion, a purebred York
Five years-3 Grands, 3 Reserves for Blake and Baxter!
San Antonio Reserve Champion York
Shown by Abbie Banks
Ag teacher Bryce Hines, Dalhart, TX
San Antonio 3rd Plaee Yorkshire
Not the first time Sara Barrientez has excelled!
Brad Bevel, Stamford FFA, knows what it takes
NJSA Southwest Regional Champion Duroe
Shown by Dustin Ham
Arizona National Reserve Duroe
Shown by Sonja Nieto
Give an assist to Travis Platt
Grand Champion -Wltchlta Mts Classic
Oklahoma City 2nd place
Shown by Heath Curry, Sterling FFA
Arizona State Fair Champion York Barrow
Congrats to Marleigh Brown
Houston Class Winning Duroe
Shown by Toni Kean
Assisted by JOM McKinley & Amanda Kacal,
Seven Lakes FFA Adviser
National Barrow Show Champion Duroe
Shown by Miles Toenyes
3 barrows-3 Champions in a row for Miles!
Jackson County, OH Grand Champion
Shown by Timothy Erwin
Thanks to Josh Rose for the good picture
Reserve Chester Barrow, bred & owned
National Summer Team Purebred Show
Shown by Lauren Rodibaugh
Berrien County, MI Grand Champion
Shown by Jordan Williams
Purchased in our April sale for less than $200
A job well done!
Lake County, IN Grand Open Barrow
Shown by Gavin Fulmer
The last pig sold in our 2nd sale
"Thanks to Bryan for picking a sleeper"
Fulton County Reserve Grand Barrow
Sired by Black Magic
Shown by Kyle Rime
Fulton County Grand Champion Gilt
Sired by Elgin
Shown by Adam Luhnow, a repeat winner
with Rodibaugh genetics.
Grand Champion
Alabama Youth Swine Day
Congrats to Stormy Finley


Champion Yorkshire
American Royal
Shown by Miles Toenyes
Sired by Daddy Mack

Champion Duroc Market Hog
2010 American Royal
Shown by Amara Danner
Bred by Rodibaugh Genetics
Sired by Manual Labor
Howard County Grand Champion
Blake Howell Showed the Grand Champion, a pure York. Five years-3 Grands, 3 Reserves for Blake & Baxter!
Grand or Reserve multiple times
Indiana &  Missouri Jackpot Shows

Shown by Austin Thompson
Grand or Reserve at many Indiana
& Illinois Jackpot shows

Shown by Maddie Caldwell

World Pork Expo 3rd overall Junior Gilt and breeding show Champion York Female

Shown by Blake Goss, this show-stopping Headliner daughter sold for $6200! Thanks to Travis Platt for helping to get these quality Yorks into very good hands.

WPX Reserve York Barrow

Congrats to Miles Toenyes on this online sale purchase. He also won Reserve Grand at 2 Illinois jackpot shows.
WPX 1st York Barrow
Derek Pullen has done a great job with this Headliner barrow. He was 3rd overall at the Jasper Co jackpot and Reserve Grand at Alexandria.
WPX 5th overall York Gilt
Shown by Jenna Rodibaugh, she sold for $1900 in the breeding show. Assisting are
Bryan, Justin, Jim, and Steve
Headliner was Premier Sire
Grand Champion Gilt - Oklahoma State Fair
Class Winner—Dallas
Champion ‘York –Tulsa Open Show
Shown by Blake Goss
This is the 2nd year we have sold the
Oklahoma State Fair Champion
Team Purebred SW Champion Chester Gilt
Shown by Ariel Burden.  She also showed
Champions in 05, 06 & 07!
Sarah Barrientez earned 5th on this Yorkshire Barrow
at the Houston Livestock Show. This is the 3rd year
in a row she has been in the hunt. Assisting were Roy Barrientez and advisor Brad Bevel.
Jacey Ochoa, Ropes FFA, won
Champion LtWt Cross Barrow at San Antonio
with this Elgin son. Thanks to Don Gillit for the picture.

2009 NAILE Champion York Market Hog
Good job to Hallie Landry!
Thanks to Travis Platt for your assistance

2009 NAILE Champion Duroc Market Hog
The proud exhibitor is Conner Utterback

2009 American Royal Reserve Duroc Market Hog

Shown by Blake Danner

2009 NBS Champion York Barrow
Shown by Kyle Rodibaugh

Missouri State Fair Reserve Open Duroc Barrow
3rd high point Duroc on the circuit

Missouri State Fair Champion Chester Barrow
Six times Champion and undefeated on the circuit
Shown by Lance Martin who reports “I had great success with the two barrows purchased in your pig sale.
You had a great selection. They never missed a lick”
The Iowa State Fair Champion York Barrow and Summer Spectacular 1st and 2nd Place Gilts were produced by the 2008 Illinois State Fair Reserve York Gilt purchased on our pig sale.
Congratulations to the McGrew family!

Houston Stock Show 2nd LtWt York Barrow
Shown by Sarah Barrientez, Stamford FFA
Thanks to advisor Brad Bevel!

Austin Star of Texas
1st LtWt York Barrow

Shown by Danielle Taylor, Bullard FFA
Champion York Gilt Open Show
Kentucky State Fair

Grand Champion

Rough River Preview Show
Shown by Amanda Goggin
Class winner
4-H Open Market Hog Show
Kentucky State Fair

Reserve Grand

Boyle County
Logan and Amanda Goggin

“I appreciate all the advice last summer...
was invaluable and much appreciated.”

Grand Champion

NSR Extravaganza
Sired by Headliner

Four times Grand Champion Gilt

At Illinois county fairs- shown by Jason Leigh.
She was also 2nd at the Illinois State Fair.
Tippecanoe County Royalty admire Blake Ford's
Champion York Barrow purchased in our 2nd pig sale.
Blake Danner had his Reserve Champion HvWt Cross all decked out at the 09 American Royal.

No Photo Available

10th year member Kurt Monix showed the Lake County Grand Champion Barrow. He also had Reserve York and Reserve MedWt Cross!

Howard County Grand Barrow

Shown by Baxter Howell

Howard County Champion York Barrow
Shown by Blake Howell
Baxter also showed the Reserve Grand Barrow and was Champion Showman –hard work does pay off! Genetics help (Mom, Tammy, showed a good steer & pig or two in her 4-H career) as does assistance from good friends. Four years– Two Grands, Three Reserve Grands– not bad!
High expectations were realized when Kylee Maxwell showed this powerful barrow to Grand Championship honors at a tough Porter County IN show. She capped off the day with the Reserve Grand Gilt! She had guidance from Mark, Kim and siblings.

Grand Champion Barrow—Elkhart County Fair —Kyle Bontrager It’s a family affair when the Bopntrager’s are showing
a contender –this was a top seller in our pig sale and Mark and family did a great job bringing him to his full potential!

Pickaway County OH Reserve Champion Gilt
Congrats to Dalton Cline

Hamilton County Reserve HVWT Cross Barrow

Shown by Cameron Day

Reserve York Barrow
Shown by Lauren

Reserve Grand Barrow
Shown by Amanda
Jasper County Fair Winners

Champion MediumWt Cross Gilt
Shown by Regan

Reserve LightWt Cross Gilt
Shown By Lauren
Duroc wins Grand!

Grand Champion Market Hog—08 NAILE
Congratulations to Kyle Borntrager
Steve sent this powerful barrow sight unseen along with the Reserve Chester
and a class winning York to the Borntrager and Sanders families –Good job!

Champion York Barrow
Houston Stock Show

Cole Ray Hutchinson earned over $12,000 on this winner! 
Haskell Ag science teacher Kenny Cockerell assisted with the project.

Champion Lightt wt York
Shawn Dundas
Member of Stamford FFA

 2nd Heavywt York
Sarah Barrientez
 Member of Stamford FFA
State Fair Winners!
Rock Star

Grand Champion Barrow
Illinois State Fair
Shown by Molly McGrew
Sold for $20,600
Purchased in our pig sale
out of a Yorkshire sow

Great job to the McGreww crew!

Molly also showed the
Reserve Champion York Gilt

Illinois State Fair
(Actually, they came to the sale
looking only for a gilt)

Sired by Big Pappy
Oklahoma State Fair Winners!

Reserve Chester Gilt
Oklahoma State Fair

Congrats to Emma Reed on her Dakota
daughter purchased here.

Grand Champion Pure bred Gilt
Oklahoma State Fair
Cheyenne Gaff purchased this Big Pappy
daughter. Congrats to Trent Inman.
NBS Success!

2008 MBS Reserve Grand Purebred

2008 NBS Champion Chester
Congratulations to Jamie Albrecht on these winners! She had great success as a
Junior swine exhibitor. Best wishes, Jamie, for a bright future!

NBS Chanpion York Gilt - 3rd Year in a row!
Thanks to repeat customer Zach Muegge for
his $3600 investment.

NBS 1st Place Boar
Sired by JRSP Go Beyond
Thanks to buyer Ryan Peters

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